Dog Housing 

The boarding facility offers spacious climate controlled living for your loved one. We have (10) 8×4 kennels for small and medium breed dogs and (2) 8×6 kennels for large breed dogs. The larger kennels can also house multiple pets for owners that want to leave their pets together, giving them the peace of mind that your loved one is comfortable while away. Each kennel is supplied with Kuranda beds for the comfort of your pet.  We have two large exercise areas for dogs to run around and play multiple times each day.  Intact pets are not allowed to board.  If your pet does not meet our standards for boarding then we reserve the right to no longer board your pet.  

Cat Housing 

      NEW! (9/2023)  All housing for cats will have a resting bench, nesting box, platforms, sisal scratching post, climbing stairs and a             ladder.  Your cat will love this home away from home.  There is no other cat boarding facility that offers an interactive get-a-way!

   THE DUPLEX (2) 3' x 6' x 6' tall housing to accommodate multiple cats, (up to 3) from the same household.  

   THE CONDO (3) 3' x 3' x 6' tall housing to accommodate single or double accupency for average size cats  

Pet Requirements

In order to board your pet, proof of current vaccination and parasite prevention are required prior to admission to the facility. If your pet received vaccinations from another veterinarian, the vaccination record must be presented prior to the reservation date in order to make the pet’s visit run smoothly.

  • Dog: Rabies, Bordetella and Annual DHAPP vaccine.
  • Cat: Rabies, Annual FVRCP vaccine.

In order to prevent parasite outbreaks at the boarding facility, your pet must be free of FLEAS, TICKS AND INTERNAL PARASITES. If external or internal parasites are found on your pet during their stay, an appropriate treatment will be provided AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE. All charges incurred during the visit are expected to be paid IN FULL AT TIME OF PICK-UP.

Items from home

If your pet requires medical treatment while boarding, please bring the items with you. 

Medication must be labeled with the prescribing VETERINARIAN’S PRESCRIPTION. There is a fee (starting 1/2024) for daily administration of any medication to boarders.  

Because sudden food changes can cause irritable bowels, it is suggested to bring your pet’s food from home. If you do not, the boarding facility will provide DRY food only. We do not provide towels or blankets for your pet. Kuranda beds are provided for the comfort of you four legged friend. If you would like to bring your pet’s personal bedding, toys or bowls please have it labeled with a permanent marker. Dogwood Animal Hospital will not be responsible for the loss or destruction of items brought to the boarding facility nor will Dogwood Animal Hospital or any of the staff be held responsible for any medical needs that may incur from items left with a boarder that have been given to by the owner.  


We offer baths for your dog the day of pick-up; please let the attendant know the day of check-in. If your pet soils itself during their stay at the boarding facility a bath will be given AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE.

Emergency Medical Care

If, in the attendant’s judgment, your dog or cat requires medical attention and we are unable to reach you, Dogwood Animal Hospital will treat your pet unless indicated on the Medical Emergency Form kept on file. If the veterinarian is unavailable at Dogwood Animal Hospital then your pet will be taken to the closest veterinary hospital or emergency clinic if needed.


Check-in/check-out hours are between 8am- 5pm (Monday-Thursday) and 8am -3pm (Friday). Saturday and Sunday check-in/check-out is to be done at 8am or 5pm . When the primary hospital is closed check-in/check-out will be at 8am or 5pm. Daily fees begin the day of drop-off. If your pet is picked up by 12:00 noon (Monday-Friday) or AT 8:00 am (Saturday or Sunday), then you will not be charged for that day. Boarding reservations are to be paid in full for 3 days or less.   A 50% deposit is required for 3 or more days.   If more days are required than reserved, payment will be due at check-out. If check-out is early, then you will receive a credit for future visits. During primary holidays, 100% of booking fee will be required to hold the reservation.  Payment is refundable if cancelled 7 days prior to the drop off date.


  • 4 x 8 Dog Kennel $19/day (2nd Dog-same kennel $12/day)
  • 6 x 8 Dog Kennel $26/day (2nd Dog-same kennel $15/day)
  • Cat Condo $19/day, additional cat $11
  • Cat Duplex $29/day, additional cat $11